Private Events / Reservations

RESERVATIONS: While we do not ALWAYS accept reservations and never online, we do encourage large parties of 6 or more to call and request a reservation Monday-Friday. Reservations on holiday weekends cannot be accepted. However, we are able to accept some large party reservations on slower weekends. Please call in advance and leave a message with one of our employees including the following details; your name, phone number, party size, seating preference, handicap considerations, food allergies, and time requested. The restaurant is an open air environment and while the interior portions have heating and air, it is encouraged that guests dress “weather appropriate”. A manager will attempt to return your message within 24 hours. All honored reservations will only be kept for 5 minutes after expected arrival time and the entire party must be present in total in order to be seated. Having a reservation cannot always guarantee that you are seated immediately, but we will do our very best to have your table ready for you on time.

CALL AHEAD SEATING: We no longer accept “call ahead” seating over the phone. Instead, please go to your app store and download our app. Search for The Shelter Kitchen and Bar and you will see our app appear with our logo on it. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to create an account. After this, you will have the option to see what our current estimated wait time is, and “join wait” from the app. Parties larger than 6 are encouraged to call the hostess after joining the wait list, only if it is important for everyone in the party to be seated together. Upon arrival to our restaurant, you must still “check in” with the hostess so that they can move your name from “call ahead” to the “wait list.” While joining the wait list through our app does not guarantee you a table upon arrival, it will place your name in the appropriate position on the wait list depending on the time you check in. While you are waiting you can continue to check your position in line through our app. It will keep you updated as to how many parties are in front of you to be seated. Feel free to browse through our menu and social media pages directly from the app as well. Once you are notified that your table is ready, you will be given 5 minutes to meet us at the hostess to be seated.

PRIVATE EVENTS and CORPORATE and BUSINESS FUNCTIONS: Please feel free to call the restaurant between noon and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to discuss any large gatherings. We NEVER “charge” for large party event space and will always try to accommodate private events.

The Shelter’s al fresco design and uncommon seating arrangement and dynamic staffing needs dictate that we encourage you to give us a ring in advance and afford us the opportunity to plan for your arrival, thus making your Shelter experience as pleasant as possible.

Contact Us For More Information on a Private Event